Why Sophi?

Sophi is a suite of AI-powered optimization, prediction and automation solutions that help unlock the value of your content and drive real business transformation.

Spend Less

Reduce time and resources dedicated to analysis and curation.

Make More

Uncover more value in the content your team already creates, without the guesswork.

‘’Your Sophi Score is unique to your business priorities.‘’

See BeyondPromotion Bias

How do you compare metrics for a story at the top of the homepage to one that appears near the bottom? Sophi eliminates the guesswork so you can compare apples to apples.

Measure Only What Matters

How do you optimize newsroom resources when different content contributes to your business in different ways? Your Sophi Score takes into account the value your content has across all your platforms, audiences and touchpoints, then weights them according to the performance metrics you consider most important to your business.

Advertiser Revenue
Subscriber Revenue

Developed, tested and trusted by the #1 news brand in Canada.

Sophi was born in the newsroom of The Globe and Mail and has helped Canada's leading newspaper to remain a leader in the industry.

Increase in CTR from the homepage
Increase in subscriber acquisition rate
Automation of The Globe website

*Results based on A/B testing on theglobeandmail.com against traditional curation.

Sophi Features

It’s easy to make the best decisions when you have the right tools.


Streamline workflow by using Sophi Site Automation and Automated Print Laydown to deliver value-driven content across all of your platforms, and free up your team to focus on chasing their next story. Sophi automates content curation, continuously optimizing content placement throughout the day, and lays down an entire paper in minutes.

Sophifor Paywalls

Take the guesswork out of identifying subscriber-only stories with best-in-class user- and content-propensity modelling and targeting. You’ll finally understand which stories users will pay to access, and which stories deliver more value through advertising revenue.

Sophifor First Party Data

Sophi’s technology system is designed to get you to the highest value state as quickly as possible, and it is dynamically personalized in real-time. Don’t ask someone to sign up for a low value newsletter when you actually want them to take out their credit card and make a purchase. Let Sophi fast-track progressive disclosure for you.

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