Sophi for Paywalls is a powerful AI engine that makes it easy to see the potential of your content and its value to your users. It analyzes both content and user behaviour to determine which content should remain free and generate greater advertising revenue, or be put behind a paywall, where the subscription revenue opportunity is greater.


Sophi’s Content-Propensity Paywall uses complex natural language processing to analyze every piece of content and select what to put behind a paywall - or leave in front of the wall to gain ad revenue. It can be used as either a recommendation tool for publishers, or to automatically paywall stories as they’re published, with easy editorial overrides.

Content + User-PropensityPaywall

Sophi’s Content + User-Propensity Paywall is a fully dynamic, real-time system that decides when to show a paywall to visitors in order to maximize conversions, ad revenue and engagement. Unlike a generic metered wall, this paywall knows when to give up rather than alienate readers.

Awards and Recognition

North American Digital Media Awards May 2020

1st place in Best Digital News Start-Up

Online Journalism Awards 2020

1st place for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism

Integrated Insights, Precise Predictions

Other paywall tools look solely at your readers’ propensity for subscribing. This can be helpful in understanding how readers behave on your site. But it’s only part of the equation.

Sophi for Paywalls measures both user propensity and content propensity. By taking a closer look at which content your readers are more likely to pay for, your editorial team will have better insights into the true value of your content.

This integrated view creates a fully dynamic paywall that’s based on your own readers and your own content.

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