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‘’We wanted to see how much farther Sophi could take us, so we tested Sophi Content Paywall on one of our largest sites. The results were transformative. We were hoping for a 10% lift in conversion rate and Sophi delivered four times that result. We’re continuing to roll out Sophi solutions across more of our sites as we speak.‘’

-Neil Katz, Chief Customer Officer, Advance Local

Sophi Solutions

It's easy to move the needle when you have the right tool.

Sophifor Paywalls

Sophi for Paywalls optimizes your existing paywall, maximizing yield by considering each article's capacity to drive subscription and advertising revenue, as well as every user's behaviour, and raises or the lowers the paywall accordingly. Sophi offers a top of the line content-propensity paywall decisioning engine as well as the only fully dynamic, real-time, one-to-one personalized paywall engine on the market, which examines both content and user propensity.


Streamline workflow by using Sophi Site Automation and Automated Print Laydown to deliver value-driven content across all of your platforms, and free up your team to focus on chasing their next story. Sophi automates content curation, continuously optimizing content placement throughout the day, and lays down an entire paper in minutes, with no templates.

Sophifor First Party Data

Sophi’s technology system is designed to get you to the highest value state as quickly as possible, and it is dynamically personalized in real-time. Don’t ask someone to sign up for a low value newsletter when you actually want them to take out their credit card and make a purchase. Let Sophi fast-track progressive disclosure for you.

SophiSite Automation

Invisible, automated curation of your home and section pages to streamline your team’s workflow. Continuously optimize the performance characteristics of the site based on demand and your brand, so the content is always the right fit.

SophiPrint Laydown

Sophi’s print laydown technology powers intuitive, automated page laydown through our CMS partners. It automates the print production process in just minutes using smart AI that ensures your printed pages look and feel as if they were produced by experienced editors and page designers. And it’s free of the rigid constraints of templates. Save time and resources by running or re-running a full laydown in under 10 minutes as demands change. Customers have increased efficiency by up to 66% while decreasing their cost per page and time spent on print production.

Fully Dynamic, PersonalizedPaywall Engine

Sophi Dynamic Paywall Engine is a fully dynamic, real-time decisioning system that analyses both content + user-propensity to decide when to show a paywall to visitors in order to maximize conversions, ad revenue and engagement. When layered on top of your generic metered wall, this paywall knows when to give up rather than alienate readers and lower engagement.

Content-PropensityPaywall Engine

Sophi Content Paywall Engine uses complex natural language processing to analyze every piece of content and select what to put behind a paywall - or leave in front of the wall to gain ad revenue. It can be used as either a recommendation tool for publishers, or to, through your existing paywall, automatically paywall stories as they’re published, with easy editorial overrides.

Sophi for Paywalls

Other paywall tools look solely at your readers’ propensity for subscribing. This can be helpful in understanding how readers behave on your site. But it’s only part of the equation.

Sophi for Paywalls decisioning engines measure both user propensity and content propensity. By taking a closer look at which content your readers are more likely to pay for, your editorial team will have better insights into the true value of your content.

This integrated view creates a fully dynamic paywall engine that’s based on your own readers and your own content.

Sophi for First Party Data

Using Sophi’s technology system, you can fast-track progressive disclosure, dynamically personalizing your offers in real-time. Don’t ask someone to sign up for a low value newsletter when they would actually take out their credit card and make a purchase instead.

Measure Only What Matters

How do you optimize resources when different content contributes to your business in different ways? Your custom Sophi Score takes into account the value your content has across all your platforms, audiences and touchpoints, then weights them according to the performance metrics you consider most important to your business.

Advertiser Revenue
Subscriber Revenue

See Beyond Promotion Bias

How do you compare metrics for a story at the top of the homepage to one that appears near the bottom? Sophi eliminates the guesswork so you can compare apples to apples.

Developed, tested and trusted by the #1 news brand in Canada.

Sophi for Paywalls was born in the newsroom of The Globe and Mail and has helped Canada's leading newspaper to remain a leader in the industry.

Increase in subscription conversions
Increase in registered visitor engagement
Increase in reader loyalty

Awards and Recognition

Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2021

1st place for Best Paid Content Strategy

Digiday Media Awards 2021

1st place for Best Publisher Platform

INMA Global Media Awards 2021

1st place for Best in Show in North America 1st place for Best Use of Data to Automate or Personalize

Online Journalism Awards 2020

1st place for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism

World Digital Media Awards 2020

1st place in Best Digital News Start-Up

North American Digital Media Awards 2020

1st place in Best Digital News Start-Up

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