Leadership Team

The Sophi team consists of over 70 data scientists, engineers, QA analysts, business development managers, marketing professionals, customer success staff, account executives and support staff who are led by an innovative and progressive leadership team.

Mike O'NeillChief Executive Officer and Founder

Mike is the CEO and founder of Sophi. He leads a group of 50 data scientists, engineers, product managers and scrum masters who build incredible things every day, such as real time algorithms, NLP processes, and analytics. Prior to this, he was Managing Director, Data Science and Digital at The Globe and Mail where he lead similar teams. His background is Data Science, helping big brands in telecom, banking, high-tech and media for the past 18 years.

Lydia JinManaging Director, Technology

Lydia is Managing Director, Technology at Sophi. She oversees the engineering teams and their projects to drive innovation and provide customer solutions. She was previously Director, Digital Development in charge of building theglobeandmail.com and its e-commerce platform. Lydia has 20 years of experience building and managing online products, spanning the full development life cycle.

Ariel BurkettDirector, Partnerships

Ariel Burkett is Director, Partnerships at Sophi. She builds strategic relationships with global partners, while also helping to lead Sophi’s new market strategy. Ariel brings a fresh perspective to her clients’ challenges, builds trusted relationships, and provides results-based outcomes that increase revenue through customer acquisition, engagement, and content optimization. In her previous role at The Globe and Mail, she led enterprise sales where she was responsible for developing a new vertical for women in business, and she also spearheaded subscriber retention initiatives. Ariel spent several years at Rogers Media in a sales capacity in both B2C and B2B business units, most recently as Associate Publisher. Ariel previously spent time in London working in business development at The Telegraph Media Group.

Alasdair McKieDirector, Customer Success and Operations

Alasdair McKie is the Director of Customer Success and Operations for Sophi, working with its customers to connect with their audiences using AI and automation. Previously, he was a manager with The Globe and Mail's digital product team. He has worked both in the newsroom as an editor and in publishing technology, helping to shape The Globe's publishing systems for over a decade.