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Stibo DX partners with, strengthening automation on CUE Publishing Platform

Stibo DX and are partnering to integrate Sophi, The Globe and Mail’s automation, prediction and optimization tools, into Stibo DX’s publishing platform, CUE. Sophi will be a native extension in CUE’s user interface.

“As an open and extensible publishing platform, CUE is meant to be integrated with best-of-breed tools. The Sophi AI engine from Stibo DX’s long-time customer The Globe and Mail is exactly that. Sophi will enable CUE users to make smarter content decisions based on real-time data and insights,” says Mark van de Kamp, Chief Innovation Officer of Stibo DX. is a suite of AI solutions, including Sophi Automation, which autonomously curates content to optimize webpages, and Sophi Analytics, which provides decision-making support to newsrooms and content publishers. The Sophi team develops a custom Sophi Score in conjunction with every client to ensure that each piece of content properly reflects the value it contributes to the customer’s desired business outcomes, such as increasing conversions, loyalty and engagement. All these capabilities will soon be available to Stibo DX’s global customer base as seamless, add-on extensions.

“As a publisher with years of experience working with Stibo DX, The Globe and Mail understands the needs of both Stibo DX and its customers,” said Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “This new partnership between Stibo DX and Sophi builds on that understanding and offers easy to use, cutting-edge automation and predictive analytics to CUE’s many customers around the world, from media organizations to content-focused brands.”

“The Globe and Mail has been a valued Stibo DX customer for over two decades. This new dimension of our partnership builds on a solid foundation,” said Mr. van de Kamp. In 2017, The Globe hosted Stibo DX’s user conference at their headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

“The Globe and Mail’s involvement with the CUE community has always been immensely appreciated. We are very proud to continue the partnership and strengthen the CUE platform with this game-changing technology,” Mr. van de Kamp said.

About Stibo DX

Stibo DX ( is the company behind the CUE CMS and DAM solutions for media companies and brand publishers around the world. Since 1979, Stibo DX has been a leading technology partner for some of the world’s biggest media companies, including The New York Times, Gannett, Axel Springer, Times of India, and The Economist.

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