teams up with Stibo DX Unlocks Automation on Stibo DX’s CUE Platform

Stibo DX brings next-level AI automation to CUE with

Interested in learning more about how Stibo DX is bringing Sophi automation and AI to their global newsrooms on CUE? Here’s a sneak peek:

“Since the beginning of 2021, and Stibo DX have worked together closely, paving the way for next-level AI in CUE newsrooms. The goal is to automate and optimize as many user journeys as possible while improving the quality of workflows, editorial production, and ultimately revenue.

Proofreading, fact-checking, and story enrichment by suggesting relevant assets are some of the many AI-driven technologies already available on the market. But the newest aspect of AI is services that optimize the promotion and distribution of content to generate the most revenue. Studies have made clear that even when human judgement is data-based, AI-driven publishing is far faster, cheaper, and more precise.”

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