IAB interviews Sophi

Sophi Featured by IAB Canada

IAB Canada interviewed Sonali Verma about Sophi’s AI technology

Sophi’s Sonali Verma was interviewed by IAB Canada about how Sophi’s game changing technology is curating digital content and getting the right message in front of the right person. Here’s a preview of the article:

“IABC: Looking forward, how might Sophi evolve in the coming years? What kind of role will it play when it comes to the new forms of addressing audiences?

Sonali Verma: Sophi’s mandate is to solve the worst problems in the publishing business including the two most popular:

  • How does one gather first party data with as little friction as possible?

  • How can we consistently deliver a personalized experience to customers so that they are more engaged with our content?

We have discovered that the decision-making engine...”

Read the full interview here.

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