Sophi at Press Gazette's Future of Media Conference 2022

Sophi at Future of Media Technology Conference

Press Gazette recaps the publisher revenue strategies panel discussion from their conference.

Press Gazette recapped the publisher revenue strategies panel discussion Sophi’s Gabe Gonda participated in at The Future of Media Technology (FOMT) conference. Here’s a glimpse:

“Gabe Gonda, VP of the Globe and Mail’s machine-learning start-up, said the Canadian newspaper’s revenue was split by 70/30 towards advertising ten years ago but has now flipped it to 65/35 user revenue.

This was done, he said, by creating and allowing it to recognise – in a similar way to that division between Times and Sun readers – those who are “time poor and cash rich” with a “high propensity” to pay versus those who should be allowed to “ride for free” and help generate more advertising revenue.

“The beauty of a dynamic paywall is it optimises for both segments,” he said.”

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