Simon Owens interviews Gordon Edall, VP of in the media: Why The Globe and Mail trusts an AI to run its paywall

Simon Owens recently spoke with Sophi’s Gordon Edall about how Sophi Dynamic Paywall, Sophi Site Automation and Sophi Social are helping publishers around the world generate more revenue. Here’s a peak at what they discussed:

“This triggered a lightbulb moment. “David Walmsley, our editor in chief, was looking over the shoulder of his best and brightest assigning editors, the people running the home pages, and they were basically nudging the red circles down and nudging the blue circles up on our pages all day long. So in a moment of shocking awareness of the potential to change the way his people were doing work, he actually reached out to the data science group to say, ‘what would happen if you guys just let the computer start to make some of the decisions about which stories should run where?’” In other words, the newsroom was volunteering to give up homepage control to Sophi.

Since then, Sophi has taken on more and more functions, from recommending content on pages to even scheduling out social media posts. Flash forward a few years, and the results speak for themselves.”

Read the full article here, and listen to the podcast here.

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