writes about Sophi Dynamic Paywall in the media: Three innovative ways to create audience revenue by Eliott Brennan

Following the Newsrewired event run by last week, they published a concise summary of the Innovative Ways to Create Audience Revenue session Sophi’s Sonali Verma was a part of. Eliott Brennan writes:

“Sonali Verma, senior product manager for analytics at The Globe and Mail, is part of the Sophi team underpinning its dynamic paygate. Simply put, it uses machine learning to know when to ask readers to pay for a subscription to the website depending on their news habits and preferences. The point is that two readers will get two different experiences.

For example, someone who reads a lot of business and investment news, which tends to convert a lot of readers, will get asked to pay every time. Someone else who mainly reads car reviews might never get asked to pay because they are unlikely to, and this content generates plenty of ad revenue anyway. Somewhere in between, a general news reader might get asked to pay after one article, but if that is not successful, Sophi learns to let them keep reading and ask for an email address later on.”

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