Innovations in News Media World Report 2022 features

Innovation in News Media World Report 2022 highlights

The report features Sophi in 3 categories of innovation.

Co-authors Authors Juan Senor and Jayant Sriram highlight Sophi as an example of innovation in 3 categories: business models for monetization, paywall strategies for acquisition or retention, and digital product innovations publishers can take inspiration from (where they highlight Agderposten’s use of Naviga Publisher powered by, our AI-powered, automated print solution).

The authors write, “At the very cutting edge of this approach is the artificial intelligence system called Sophi, developed by Canadian publisher The Globe and Mail. Sophi powers a fully dynamic, personalised real time system that decides when, or even if, to show a paywall. The unique thing about this paywall is...”

Read the full report here.

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