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Innovation in News Media World Report 2022 highlights

Co-authors Authors Juan Senor and Jayant Sriram highlight Sophi as an example of innovation in 3 categories: business models for monetization, paywall strategies for acquisition or retention, and digital product innovations publishers can take inspiration from (where they highlight Agderposten’s use of Naviga Publisher powered by, our AI-powered, automated print solution). The authors write, “At the very cutting edge of this approach is the artificial intelligence system called Sophi, developed by Canadian publisher The Globe and Mail. Sophi powers a fully dynamic, personalised real time system that decides when, or even if, to show a paywall. The unique thing about this paywall is...” Read the full report here.

WAN-IFRA's Digital Media Awards Worldwide Winner is
News Wins at WAN-IFRA Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2021, The Globe and Mail’s artificial intelligence-based automation, optimization and prediction engine, won WAN-IFRA’s Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2021 in the Best Paid Content Strategy category for Sophi Dynamic Paywall, its real-time, personalized paywall engine that analyses both content and user behaviour to determine when to ask a reader for money or an email address, and when to leave them alone. The judges unanimously selected Sophi Dynamic Paywall as the winner, with one judge commenting: “What Globe and Mail did is state of the art – absolute fantastic job. I appreciate most that The G&M permanently tested against the OLD paywall, so those results are really sustainable! Well done!”, and another adding “An outstanding entry and it is brilliant to see that it exceeded expectations and goals by a significant margin. Congratulations!” The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)’s Digital Media Awards Worldwide is the news media industry’s global digital media competition. The worldwide winners are selected from the winners of the regional Digital Media Awards in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and South Asia, which together provide news publishers with regular showcases for best-practice innovation in digital publishing worldwide. The awards recognize and celebrate the best of digital media. The competition was fierce and we applaud the regional winners. Sophi is an artificial-intelligence system that helps publishers identify their most valuable content and leverage it to achieve key business goals. The Sophi suite of tools also consists of Sophi Site Automation which autonomously curates content across all of a publisher’s digital properties and Sophi Content Paywall which uses complex natural language processing routines to analyze every piece of content and select articles to put behind a paywall, ensuring the subscription revenue opportunity is greater than the advertising revenue forgone. Publishers on five continents now use Sophi’s AI and ML technology to power paywall decisions, website automation and print automation.


Simon Owens interviews Gordon Edall, VP of

Simon Owens recently spoke with Sophi’s Gordon Edall about how Sophi Dynamic Paywall, Sophi Site Automation and Sophi Social are helping publishers around the world generate more revenue. Here’s a peak at what they discussed: “This triggered a lightbulb moment. “David Walmsley, our editor in chief, was looking over the shoulder of his best and brightest assigning editors, the people running the home pages, and they were basically nudging the red circles down and nudging the blue circles up on our pages all day long. So in a moment of shocking awareness of the potential to change the way his people were doing work, he actually reached out to the data science group to say, ‘what would happen if you guys just let the computer start to make some of the decisions about which stories should run where?’” In other words, the newsroom was volunteering to give up homepage control to Sophi. Since then, Sophi has taken on more and more functions, from recommending content on pages to even scheduling out social media posts. Flash forward a few years, and the results speak for themselves.” Read the full article here, and listen to the podcast here.

News writes about Sophi Dynamic Paywall

Following the Newsrewired event run by last week, they published a concise summary of the Innovative Ways to Create Audience Revenue session Sophi’s Sonali Verma was a part of. Eliott Brennan writes: “Sonali Verma, senior product manager for analytics at The Globe and Mail, is part of the Sophi team underpinning its dynamic paygate. Simply put, it uses machine learning to know when to ask readers to pay for a subscription to the website depending on their news habits and preferences. The point is that two readers will get two different experiences. For example, someone who reads a lot of business and investment news, which tends to convert a lot of readers, will get asked to pay every time. Someone else who mainly reads car reviews might never get asked to pay because they are unlikely to, and this content generates plenty of ad revenue anyway. Somewhere in between, a general news reader might get asked to pay after one article, but if that is not successful, Sophi learns to let them keep reading and ask for an email address later on.” Read the full article here:


WordPress VIP interviews

Gordon Edall, VIP of, was recently interviewed by WordPress VIP for their Technology Partners series on how they can help enterprises beat growth goals and iterate quickly. Here’s a sneak peek: “What trends are you seeing in the market? The intense pressure Covid put on every business shone a spotlight on all the inefficiencies that publishers struggle with and opened all of our eyes to the need to capitalize on new opportunities. We see a dawning recognition that content publishers, supported by AI, ML, NLP and automation, can simply be more effective. These cutting edge technologies help you become and remain a more aggressive and ambitious organization that takes full advantage of the resources you have.” Read the full article here: