Stibo DX partners with, strengthening automation on CUE Publishing Platform

Sophi partners with Stibo DX CUE

Stibo DX and are partnering to integrate Sophi, The Globe and Mail’s automation, prediction and optimization tools, into Stibo DX’s publishing platform, CUE. Sophi will be a native extension in CUE’s user interface.“As an open and extensible publishing platform, CUE is meant to be integrated with best-of-breed tools. The Sophi AI engine from Stibo DX’s long-time customer The Globe and Mail is exactly that. Sophi will enable CUE users to make smarter content decisions based on real-time data and insights,” says Mark van de Kamp, Chief Innovation Officer of Stibo DX.

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News Is INMA Global Media Award Finalist in 5 Categories

Sophi is INMA Global Media Awards Finalist

We’re proud to announce that was named as a finalist in 5 categories of the Global Media Awards run by the International News Media Association (INMA):“The INMA Global Media Awards focus on excellence across all areas of the media business,” said Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “I’m particularly pleased that Sophi for Paywalls’ fully dynamic, real-time paywall was recognized in 4 categories, and that Sophi’s ground-breaking automated print laydown technology was nominated for its use with Naviga and Agderposten.”

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News Named a WordPress VIP Featured Technology Partner

Sophi is WordPress VIP Technology Partner

WordPress VIP, the leading provider of enterprise WordPress, has added, the artificial intelligence system by The Globe and Mail, to its prestigious Technology Partnership program. Sophi joins a small group of enterprise technology companies serving VIP clients, and is the first partner to provide AI-powered automated content curation in addition to their predictive analytics and paywall solutions.“We’re excited to welcome Sophi to the growing ecosystem of enterprise integrations available to WordPress VIP customers,” said Nick Gernert, CEO of WordPress VIP. “Content is the heart of enterprise growth, and our partners are key players enabling publishers and marketers to create meaningful customer experiences with powerful storytelling tools.”

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My Biggest Surprise In My First 30 Days at Canada’s Leading Newspaper

In January, I joined The Globe and Mail. Like any Canadian history buff, the Globe’s brand means a lot to me. I knew that it was older than Canada. I knew that two of its founders are Fathers of Confederation, one of whom was our first Prime Minister. I knew that it’s rated as one of the premier global companies in news.What I didn’t expect was the scale at which it invests in technology.

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How data guided us out of a storm

Data shines a light through the storm

It’s hard to convey how powerless I felt as the section editor of a newspaper in 2012, in part because it’s so unpleasant to remember.That year, the publishing sector was mired deep in the fog of disruption. In my professional life, that meant high highs and low lows: I got a dream job, Arts Editor of The Globe and Mail, prestigious and meaningful work at Canada’s national newspaper, running a team of talented critics, reporters and columnists, some of whom I’d been reading faithfully since middle school. The job came with a mandate to fly around the country and talk up the revival of Globe Arts to cultural organizations. It was a happy dream.

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