WordPress VIP interviews

Gordon Edall, VIP of, was recently interviewed by WordPress VIP for their Technology Partners series on how they can help enterprises beat growth goals and iterate quickly. Here’s a sneak peek:“What trends are you seeing in the market? The intense pressure Covid put on every business shone a spotlight on all the inefficiencies that publishers struggle with and opened all of our eyes to the need to capitalize on new opportunities. We see a dawning recognition that content publishers, supported by AI, ML, NLP and automation, can simply be more effective. These cutting edge technologies help you become and remain a more aggressive and ambitious organization that takes full advantage of the resources you have.”

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4 content lessons learned from journalism that can help brands

Content publisher

In the two and a half decades that I have worked in newsrooms, I have constantly been surprised by our readers. They are willing to pay for what? They pay us more than what they pay Netflix every month – and then spent most of their time reading what?Here are four lessons I’ve learned that anyone who produces content should be aware of:

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Pat White writes about how impacts journalism in Canada

Sophi was recently mentioned on as an example of AI technology that’s making an impact on Canadian journalism. Pat writes:“the use of digital media is certainly not going to decrease. The media must therefore learn to operate in this universe by trying to maximize its interactions as much as possible. And it is from this perspective that an analysis of AI-related tools becomes relevant. This technology could in fact offer a range of possibilities to media companies for improving journalistic content and generating additional revenue. There are several successful initiatives, such as The Globe and Mail and its Sophi tool...”

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News Wins WAN-IFRA’s North American Digital Media Award

WAN-IFRA Digital Media Awards North America 2021, The Globe and Mail’s artificial intelligence-based automation, optimization and prediction engine, won WAN-IFRA’s 2021 North American Digital Media Award for the second year in a row - this time in the category of Best Paid Content Strategy.The North American Digital Media Awards honour news publishers that have delivered cutting-edge, unique and original digital media projects in the past year.

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News Wins Digiday Media Award for Best Publisher Platform

The Globe and Mail’s Wins Digiday Media Award, The Globe and Mail’s artificial intelligence-based automation, optimization and prediction engine, won the 2021 Digiday Media Award for Best Publisher Platform, which recognizes technology that is most successful in helping publishers achieve their goals.“AI is an essential technology for helping publishers add authentic value to stories — extending their measure of success beyond page views and virality. For example, Sophi is able to provide data on how much each article on The Globe and Mail contributes to subscriber retention, acquisition, registration potential and advertising dollars. Additionally, to effectively deploy machine learning, around 10% of The Globe and Mail’s workforce is now data scientists and engineers, hired to develop Sophi and grow the strategy even further,” Digiday said.

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