If you’re publishing content digitally, you must embrace automation

Writes and editors and general scenes of the Globe and Mail newsroom at 351 King St. East, are photographed on Sept 20 2017. (Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail)

By: Sonali Verma, Senior Product Manager, Analytics, The Globe and MailI’ve worked in newsrooms since the 1990s. Back in the day, the highest-paid editor at a meeting would decide what was important and where it should be played in print. A funny thing happened on the way to the 21st century: Everyone who publishes content started thinking about the audience.

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The Build vs. Buy Debate

The Build versus Buy Debate

By: Greg Doufas, Chief Technology Officer at The Globe and MailThe decision to build versus buy is as old as time, and it’s not going away any time soon, especially as technology takes off and the need to keep up with, if not stay ahead of, the curve grows with every day in fast-paced sectors like AI, ML and NLP. I’ve sat among the C-Suite executives numerous times as we try to make the challenging decision of whether to build or buy a new technology that can transform our business, and it’s not always an easy call. But to me, it comes down to four questions.

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Arc Publishing Integrates, Bringing Content Publishers New Analytics and Automation Option

Sophi has new native integrations with Arc Publishing

Toronto, ON, December 8, 2020 – Arc Publishing and today announce the integration of Sophi, The Globe and Mail’s suite of automation and predictive analytics solutions. These native integrations will be available to the more than 1,400 websites using the Arc Publishing platform and build on Arc’s current integrations and will equip the publishers, broadcasters and brands Arc supports with data and insights to make real-time content decisions that drive business impact,” said Scot Gillespie, CTO and GM of Arc. “As an early adopter of Arc, The Globe and Mail serves as a model for the industry in the pivot to be digital-first, having refocused resources on strategic initiatives like building a state-of-the-art analytics team and innovation lab. We’re thrilled to collaborate with them on this integration and look forward to executing on our joint mission of driving greater efficiency and data-based decisions across our global customer footprint.”

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Case Studies

Case Study: The Globe and Mail Paywall

The Globe and Mail is Canada’s foremost news media company, leading the national conversation and effecting policy change through brave, independent journalism since 1844. The Globe’s award-winning coverage of business, politics and national affairs reaches six million readers every week in print and online. The Globe believes the future of journalism lies in its ability to bring readers the stories they both want and need to know. That’s why the company invested in innovation and data science, hiring data scientists from leaders in the tech industry to develop Sophi –an artificial intelligence platform for Natural Language Processing, prediction and optimization –and used it to automate digital content curation and develop a fully dynamic paywall.The global publishing industry looks very different from the way it did 10 years ago as ad revenue has dwindled significantly. Newspapers large and small now have to innovate to find new ways to fund valuable journalism. The Globe and Mail wanted to move to a more reader-revenue-focused model to become less dependent on advertising revenue, without cutting it off entirely.

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Insights Partners with Naviga to Fully Automate Print Production

Sophi partners with Naviga to transform the print process

Toronto, ON, October 26, 2020 –, the Globe and Mail’s suite of automation, predictive paywalls, and analytics tools, has partnered with Naviga to transform print production. Sophi provides cutting edge AI/ML technology that, along with Naviga Publisher, fully automates the end-to-end print production workflow to drive efficiencies that enable publishers to focus on content creation.According to research conducted by Naviga, just under 1/4 of the total effort involved in delivering a newspaper is spent on page layout and copy fitting. With Sophi powering Naviga Publisher, media companies, magazines and corporates will be able to devote their time, energy and resources to the important task of creating impactful content and cut the print and ePaper laydown process down to seconds with just one click. Sophi can also re-run a full laydown within seconds as demands change or news breaks.

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