NiemanLab writes about Sophi Dynamic Paywall

Sarah Scire writes, “The Online News Association is holding its annual conference this week. One early highlight was Sonali Verma — senior project manager at The Globe and Mail, the largest newspaper in Canada — leading an absolute masterclass in dynamic paywalls on Tuesday.The Globe and Mail’s artificial learning technology, called Sophi, uses deep-learning techniques to automate and optimize as many publishing decisions as possible. Sophi, which was developed in-house at The Globe and Mail and has since been adopted by more than 50 outlets across 11 different publishers, helps curate homepages, choose which articles to post on Facebook, and more.

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4 ways automation can help publishers

Sophi automates digital content curation with Sophi Site Automation

I work for a serious, 177-year-old national newspaper that has embraced radical automation: 99 per cent of the content that you see on The Globe and Mail’s digital pages is placed there by a clever artificial intelligence algorithm called Sophi. Every article on our Facebook page is also placed there by Sophi.How did this happen? I believe it is because we could clearly see the value of harnessing machine learning– and reallocating our talented editors to the tasks of gathering news and shaping it into absolutely first-rate journalism.

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Layout International Partners with to Fully Automate Print Production Partners with Layout International to Automate Print, a suite of AI-powered optimization, prediction and automation tools developed by The Globe and Mail, has partnered with Layout International, a supplier of cutting-edge enterprise technology, to transform print production. Sophi will provide the smart AI/ML technology to fully automate the end-to-end print production workflow to save publishers time and money and enable them to focus on creating high quality content.Print laydown is typically a long and arduous process, involving multiple editors and page designers and taking hours to complete. Without the rigid constraints of a template, Layout International customers will now have the opportunity to create a print-ready paper that is indecipherable from a paper prepared by human page designers, and the entire process takes just minutes. And for Layout International’s over 200 customers, this partnership means seamless integration of Sophi into their current NewsPublish editorial workflow.

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News Wins Two INMA Global Media Awards

Sophi wins at INMA Global Media Awards

We’re proud to announce that was named as a winner in two categories of the International News Media Association (INMA) Global Media Awards today:“The INMA Global Media Awards focus on excellence across all areas of the media business,” said Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “I’m particularly pleased that Sophi’s fully dynamic, real-time, personalized paywall won in 2 categories, and that Sophi’s ground-breaking automated print laydown technology was nominated for its use with Naviga and Agderposten.”

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