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Sophi's core product suite offers automated content curation, personalization and dynamic registration that facilitate first party data acquisition, viewer engagement and monetization of video and text content across multiple channels including web, app, OTT and streaming.


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Sophi Solutions

It's easy to move the needle when you have the right tools.

SophiSite Automation

Invisible, automated curation of your video content across all pages to streamline your team’s workflow. Continuously optimize the performance characteristics of the site based on demand and your brand, so the content is always the right fit.

SophiRegistration Wall

Sophi Registration Wall is a fully dynamic, real-time system that analyses both content + user-propensity to decide when to ask a user to register with an email address, and when to leave them alone.

Sophifor First Party Data

Sophi’s personalized platform is designed to help you get to know your customers as quickly as possible, in real-time. Get from one piece of data about your visitor, to a completely different relationship with higher loyalty, retention and engagement.

Sophi Site Automation

Automated curation of your website and newsletter content increases team efficiency. Sophi analyzes all of your content every 10 minutes to curate your content in a way that continuously optimizes your digital properties to help you achieve your business goals. Sophi-driven pages outperform human curated pages by a significant margin and free up marketing resources to focus on building your brand in other ways.

Sophi Registration Wall

Other tools look solely at your readers’ propensity for a certain type of content. This can be helpful in understanding how readers behave on your site. But it’s only part of the equation.

Sophi Registration Wall measures both user propensity and content propensity. By taking a closer look at which content is most likely to get your readers to buy something, your editorial team will have better insights into the true value of your content.

This integrated view creates a fully dynamic registration wall that’s based on your own readers and your own content.

Sophi for First Party Data

Using Sophi’s personalized technology system, you can fast-track progressive disclosure and get the highest value relationship quicker, by dynamically personalizing your offers in real-time. Don’t ask someone to sign up for a low value newsletter when they would actually give you the information you need.

Measure Only What Matters

How do you optimize resources when different content contributes to your business in different ways? Your custom Sophi Score takes into account the value your content has across all your platforms, audiences and touchpoints, then weights them according to the performance metrics you consider most important to your business.

See Beyond Promotion Bias

When analyzing your content, Sophi uniquely eliminates promotion bias. This lets you fairly compare content at the top of your homepage, which was promoted heavily, to content that hardly received any promotion so that you can understand what is truly, inherently valuable and what is popular simply because it was seen by many users.

Awards and Recognition

Digiday Media Awards 2021

Best Publisher Platform

World Digital Media Awards 2020

Best Digital News Start-Up

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