Sophi-driven pages outperform human curated pages by a significant margin and free up publisher resources so that they can focus on finding the next story that matters.

SophiSite Automation

Invisible, automated curation of your home and section pages to streamline your team’s workflow. Continuously optimize the performance characteristics of the site based on demand and your brand, so the content is always the right fit.

‘’The newsroom of the future is one where journalists can focus on finding and telling great stories – something that machines can’t do. This is why we asked our data scientists to automate the webpages, slowly and carefully testing the results before gradually implementing it across practically the entire site. And I’m thrilled with the results.‘’

-David Walmsley, Editor in Chief, The Globe and Mail

Developed, tested and trusted by the #1 news brand in Canada.

Sophi Automation was born in the newsroom of The Globe and Mail and has helped Canada's leading newspaper to remain a leader in the industry.

Increase in CTR on the homepage
Increase in subscriber acquisition rate
Automation of The Globe website

*Results based on A/B testing on against traditional curation.


Determining which content will gain traction on social media platforms can often feel like a guessing game. Sophi Social can make recommendations based on which content supports your unique business goals, from clicks to new subscriptions to shares - or autonomously select and post content for you.

SophiPrint Laydown

Sophi’s print laydown technology powers intuitive, automated page laydown through our CMS partners. Save time and resources by running and re-running a full laydown in under 10 minutes as demands change.

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