Sophi's premium analytics services give your team the power to look beyond counting clicks, impressions and time spent on an article. We empower them to make better decisions. Our cutting edge, enterprise services and solutions allow you to see your content through the lens of performance and potential, as defined by your own measures of success.

Sophi Live

Sophi Live's innovative heads-up display doesn’t just show you which content is most popular. It helps editors see how content is living up to its potential. The simple visual interface allows you to see your own content in the context of where it sits on the page, so your team can make smarter decisions in real time. Not every decision-maker in an enterprise speaks spreadsheet. That’s why Sophi’s traffic analysis includes beautiful charts and data visualizations, as well as plain-language, user-friendly text summaries.

Sophi Historical

Unlike other premium newsroom analytics tools, Sophi Historical measures the performance and benchmarks for your content based on the tactical and strategic priorities you’ve set. This means the entire enterprise is working toward the same definition of success.

Awards and Recognition

Digital Media Awards Worldwide 2021

1st place for Best Paid Content Strategy

Digiday Media Awards 2021

1st place for Best Publisher Platform

INMA Global Media Awards 2021

1st place for Best in Show in North America 1st place for Best Use of Data to Automate or Personalize

Online Journalism Awards 2020

1st place for Technical Innovation in the Service of Digital Journalism

World Digital Media Awards 2020

1st place in Best Digital News Start-Up

North American Digital Media Awards 2020

1st place in Best Digital News Start-Up

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